Going Live in 3...2...

Hello hello hellooo! 

I am late with this one, however we did get hit by a hurricane and my appliances have since been giving me serious "The gremlins are here to destroy me" vibes ever since. None of them want to work properly so we've spent days trying to get them fixed or replaced, oh, and because the entire state is having this problem, there is NOTHING available. SO frustrating. 

I do have a bit of good news to add on to my week though. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to take an idea seriously. It's an idea that a friend of mine and I had been tossing around for a long time. I wanted ways to bring more of myself into the work that I do here, more ways to be productive and to "give back", and I think we found the way while gossiping over the latest election talks. I asked her one question, "What if we actually did this?"  after a few laughs it became apparent that she was willing to take it seriously if I was.

 Am I, all that's holding this back?


So, unbeknown to the man of the house, I took a bit of the ol' savings and hit Amazon up like it was gonna disappear tomorrow! I also started to scramble through the maze that is my storage, and as luck would have it, found some of the pieces I thought I'd need to order to bring this thought to life. Over the last few weeks I have learned more about wires, hub, frequencies and the like than I ever thought I'd need to know. Yesterday however, I gathered the last of my energy, and the kid (Astrid) and I put all the pieces together. 

I have a studio. 

I have a real deal, it can do the good stuff, studio; and I am so proud. I have dreamt and wanted and collected a little at a time for years and now, and its finally mine.  So, I'm sure that you know where this is going, or at least partially know, but in case you haven't put it together yet- We have started the groundwork for our very own PODCAST! Now, My co-host (Magen) and I will be making a more official video and such to 

really announce it, and give everyone a taste of what to expect but to give you a basic break down we plan on covering political topics, case stories and also share talks that just resonate with us or our group. The whole idea is to help get out information. Information on survival- urban style- and the laws that need to be looked at or changed in order for us to move forward in a better way. Here's the deal though, we have a lot in common but, we don't always agree. I am typically looked at a republican/ libertarian- She will tell you shes a "Little left of center", but I'd push that little over a bit more ;) It's gonna be a lot of fun, but its gonna take a bit more time to set up, we are hopeful to be up and going around the end of elections-perfect timing to sit back with a drink and talk about "What's next" 

I'm gonna keep this one short guys but I hope you find a bit of inspiration in the idea that even 10 years later, you can still do that thing you always wanted to do. You are not starting from scratch, you are starting again, with experience and notes. 

Love you all, be good to each other!

Stephanie Marie


The kid (Astrid) is getting a kick out of the studio already I fear, her Tic Toks have gotten upgraded and I think I'm gonna need a "Recording in session" light...