Imperfect timing

    You know, after the last 6 months, this week didn't seem so bad. I mean the weather in Louisiana is constantly changing this time of year making it impossible to choose a good outfit for the day, but over all this is a nice time of year. Gumbo starts coming out, we look towards the first Fall Hunt, all the good stuff is "Coming soon!". I've been feeling that way personally as well- everything is "Coming soon", and has been for a while. There is so much I want to do and until recently I just didn't have the time to invest. I have always seen this programs as  way to be available to people who have suffered the same trials I have, being abused as a child and adult by family and lovers, mental disorders, public be honest my list of trials can get pretty long so I'll digress, the point is I wanted to be a place, a voice on the other end, I wanted to inspire people to live on after enduring the worst humanity has to offer. Now, on the other hand, my dream for this site, these socials, has evolved. It has taken a whole new life inside myself and my team, which meant that we started full steam ahead with all the new ideas. 

    You know what happens when you do that right? Get too excited and just jump into everything? You get overwhelmed and start to feel unorganized. You feel like you are gonna look like a crazy person with all this new stuff and your audience feels like they don't know where to look to keep up! So, I took this weekend off, sort of, to process what parts I wanted to focus on first and which parts needed ground work before we go off announcing them. I found that one of my projects will need more ground work but that I could start putting out a few things here and there now. Basically, I needed to create an organic flow, and let me tell you, that's not as easy as it seems. Not without your people thinking you are trying to push sales for some get rich quick scheme. Trust me, no one likes that. 

  I want to offer a something better than what has been available from me so far. I feel I have much more to offer and now that I have slowed my ADHD ass down some, and looked at the forest not the trees...maybe it'll get there sooner. As I said one of my favorite projects that has already had a good bit of time invested into it hasn't even been mentioned on a site yet, so keep a look out! The catch to some of the things we want to do however, is that while I haven't put any stress on making money with the work we do here, to pull of some of this off I will need to. So that means I have to offer services, and promote products, things like that. I have a goal to start being able to make real donations, not only to "STAR" ( group working to help battered women move forward) but also to start being able to personally hand out donations of clothes and cash to people who have come on hard times. Right now there are plenty to choose from.

A few ways to help that are now available- I am an Amazon Influencer, but I haven't really been doing that job. I have finally put together a few list in my store that consist mostly of camping and survival gear. While its nice to have those things for a nice weekend with your family its also good to have them in case; well, as the guys you to say it "Shit hits the fan". That fan can be anything, homelessness comes in all forms for all sorts of reasons, but a few good products can make that experience less traumatic. I am a super fan of the blow up bed for the back seat of the car, so smart! I would have loved to have one when taking my littles to a big event like tailgating too, in case they got too hot and needed to lay down in some air or something similar. I also can remember a few times when I was younger that having it would have made my night so much more comfortable! There's a lot of things like that and a few that are just neat gadgets. At some point I'd love to start doing some reviews on the products I like most but again, that is one of those projects I needed to hold off on for the sake of doing this thing right! If you would like to take a look at the Amazon store you can see it here -> CLICK HERE. There is also a link in my bios for quick reference. Feel free to ask me any questions on any product that I chose to highlight. It won't cost you anything, but buying something you already need using the Walk UNbroken amazon store will help us do the work we want to do here. Beyond the Amazon store, I am also building up my personal designs for my own products and more of those designs will be released on this site in the gear section as they come available to print. All products sold on this site will earn funds towards our goal of 1K to the STAR foundation for battered women

    What else? Well, I've been putting off a few things due to equipment and wanting to put out a good product, but also because I'm not sure what you are enjoying. I don't get a lot of feedback outside of likes, so, I feel that may be a big reason why I let myself fall into so many projects at once. Not to be rude, but I don't care anymore. If you like the stuff, cool, if you don't someone else might. See, I had something else happen this week. Something huge for me. I was validated in this work and who I am. Now, what does that mean? It means that without a doubt, what I do here helped someone. I can't get into details, but it was pretty big for me. Let me be clear, no one should NEED validation, but after as long as I've been at it, all the personal pieces of me I gave out, it was nice to know that it made a difference to someone. Maybe even saved them. So, to all of you, who make sure to like, follow, share and send messages of support; those of you who reach out to me personally and privately; those who just take a moment to read the words, thank you. From the deepest parts of me thank you. I will work every day to be more of a resource for you and a friend on the other end.