I don't want to be a bother

I know you heard me say,

These things inside- they don't just go away.

I feel you watching but you don't see, I try to tell you,

 I need to be free.

But all you hear is leave, 

you're leaving me...

I didn't ask to lose you, I didn't run away,

 I just asked for you to know me

 and still want to stay.

Know my mind, my heart,

 my gypsy ways.

I can love deeply but only if the storm doesn't push me away.

I'm still afraid of thunder you see...

it claps and I see death sitting beside me.

Death of our love and death of our life...

I only wanted to be your wife.

I can't sit still,

 there's too much to do.

There just isn't as much me

 inside of you.

Hold hope my love

 and do not fear, 

even if I cry,

 I still try, and you can meet me, my dear.

In the middle of our road, before it crumbles with weight,

 we can use our love to make better concrete.

Beams must be raised and wars fought

 when you're building the empire, we really want.

If you stand by me, I'll stand by you,

but only if the first of these words

are true.