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For a while I've been looking for a way to become more interactive with y'all and I wanted to do something that was true to me and something that helped me through all of the obstacles I faced in life. Here's the thing, I haven't really been honest with you guys, I mean, the person you all see online is definitely a part of me but to be totally honest I felt for a long time like the version of me that was expected was the very limited version of me that was portrayed on the tv show, and that's just not who I am anymore. I had problems with showing who I really was because I had a constant worry about what people would think, which is CRAZY for sooo many reasons! It's been over half a decade now since I filmed, and it's been almost as long since I've really done anything that was attached to that person, shooting included. Once that life ended it took me years of healing and planning to even start moving towards the person I wanted to be, I had to heal first. I had to get my head back together, hell, I had to start my whole life again, a new career path, new place, and by the end of it all, a whole new version of "my family".

By now I've worked really hard and I've made great progress in all of those “new life” areas. My career has changed, for those who have kept up with me you all know I have moved into the #Clublife for the last 3 1/2 years following my year on the road with Christian & Rock bands playing roadie (or if we are honest- running away from myself).

At this point I can say I survived it though. I have gotten over the hardest part. I have seen glimpses of that woman I wanted to be looking back at me in the mirror, so, being in a better place mentally & physically, I feel like it's time to have some fun again, but sorry, no explosions this time.

🤷‍♀️ TBh i think 2020 could use less of *all that* anyway.

With that being said… We have re-launched the website to fit the new tempo we would like to see for “Walk Unbroken’, Started a new line of fun, light-hearted clothing and accessories, Jumped back on YouTube to learn a few things for a Vlog, failed miserably on my first Book club video edit, 

  Oh!! -and started a PODCAST! We have a lot of plans, and I hope you enjoy the ride.. I do want to say thank you so much to all of you who have stuck around through all of my healing & growth stages. (Again) It’s been a long road with lots of changes. I hope you all enjoy the new content and join in on some of the fun! 

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